To Fulfill the desire, demand and necessity of the entire academic sector in Nepal, Supreme Infotech and Publication is Publishing a magazine monthly. It is supposed to address issues and demand of the teacher, student and guardian. If you have any advice and feel like having more Information, Contact us @

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Supreme Infotech and Publication Pvt Ltd is a company primarily centered on computer networking and publication business. Considering the demand of the present day modern society and with the mission of making people's life easier, it gives perfect solution to the entire field of information, technology and publication under the same roof.

The present day modern society is the world of science and technology. The importance, value and craze of Internet use occupies the significant space of the day to day life.  Directly or indirectly, it plays key role in making life easier, more comfortable thereby making people's job more reliable, faster and cheaper. In the circumstances as such, we realized a lack in modern Nepalese context and established Supreme Infotech and Publication Pvt. Ltd.

As to help the private forms, company, organizations, and institutions to foster ahead, Supreme Infotech & Publication assures to provide service on any aspects related to information and technology. Circulation of information among large audiences, software developing, web page designing, programming, web hosting, computer repairing, computer networking, computer consultancy, data entry etc are the key areas of our services related to information and technology. Moreover, we are also encouraged to widen the horizon of our areas of services on computer systems, solutions on hardware and software, its marketing, importing/ exporting computer parts. If necessary, we also make this service up in abroad. Additionally, we give training on computer courses too.

Since technology is interrelated to information, we connect people with different publication services. With an aim of contributing in the academic field, we are up with educational magazines, newspapers, literary works, phone directory etc. We also  promote both national and international company, organizations and forms working as an advertisement agency thereby collecting their advertisements and broadcasting them through different medias.

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