To Fulfill the desire, demand and necessity of the entire academic sector in Nepal, Supreme Infotech and Publication is Publishing a magazine monthly. It is supposed to address issues and demand of the teacher, student and guardian. If you have any advice and feel like having more Information, Contact us @

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  Message From the Chairman

This is the age of Science and Technology. Day by Day human society has begun to depend upon technology. The international arena is found to be centered upon the optimum utilization of Technology.

The Scheduled and mechanized human society has hardly enough time to explore and learn things. People’s time and mentality for those things are diminishing except for internet use. Therefore, it won’t be an exaggeration if this age is called the age of internet. But even in such a rising craze and significance of internet use in the world, we Nepalese, as the people from developing countries, lack sufficient user, knowledge and benefits of internet. We hardly have access to sufficient data and details on any subjects. Giving centrality to the very gar, Supreme InfoTech and Publication Nepal has made this attempt to collect detailed data on different other organizations with from all over Nepal as to acquaint with  access and make people feel easier.

We feel honored to inform you that this company is ready for providing any kind of services related to information and Technology.


We prioritize academic sectors of Nepal and are up for making substantial contribution thereby putting these issues of students, teachers and guardians together. Taking it into consideration we also inform you that we are going to publish magazine in the very near future.

Our Company with the seer enthusiasm on information, technology and publication always appreciates and heartly welcomes you kind advices, help and cooperation.


Thanking You !


Mahesh Pd. Guragai


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